Sunday, 10 October 2010

To wet your whistle...

This is just start you off and to let you know what to expect from my blog .
I'm Claire, been on this earth for 23 years now and I enjoy writing short stories and screen plays about various non fictional subjects from fantastical fairies, creepy zombies, words or inspiration, comedy, musical stalking and wrestling wonders. I also enjoy fiction, especially learning about the human body. Its actually amazing. So from time to time I may blog about something interesting or just plain gross that makes me laugh. I'm easily amused, you've been warned.
My main interests are craft, customising clothing and such (the such being everyday objects, hair fascinators, pillows, cuddly and not so cuddly toys and I'm just getting into shoes.... its harder than I thought but I'll get the hang of it soon enough) baking and cake decorating, pumpkin carving, 1920's 40's and 50's fashion and culture but above all musical theater is my first love in life.
Writing, singing, dancing, acting and performing has been my passion for most of my life and even though I've had my set backs and lost confidence at certain chapters in life it will continue to always be a massive part of me..... sometimes I need a shove though, but thats why I keep those special people in my life around.

I'm waffling now so I'm signing off and in time this blog will be far more interesting.